Revolutionise your accounts payable with workflow solutions

Would you like to make some changes this New Year? Have you considered automating the steps in your accounts payable process? The manual process is often a time-consuming and repetitive job, but the right solutions for invoice processing and accounts payable can make it much simpler and quicker. What’s more, at the same time, you can rid your office of stacks of paperwork.

Revolutionise your accounts payable to save time and money. FCC Innovation blog

How much time does your team spend processing invoices? What about looking for historical data? How much money do you lose due to errors? How much money could you save with early payments discounts? How much time and outlay could you save in total with an automated accounts system? The latter is the key question, isn’t it? 

Businesses have been quick to embrace plenty of new technologies, particularly communication technologies, but there is much more that your multifunction printer (MFP) could do for you: automatic invoice receipt, invoice processing and document management to name just a few opportunities. With an automated accounts system you can automate data input and easily direct authorisation requests, all the while integrating with your existing systems (ERP/CRM). You can increase security, respond quickly to exceptions and audits and improve accuracy of realtime account balances – all without tonnes of manual filing.

Here are just some of the benefits in brief:

  • Banish towering piles of paperwork

Digitise and store files electronically in one central system, allowing you to store various formats efficiently.

Digitise and store files electronically in one central system, allowing you to store various formats efficiently.

  • Better organise your accounts

Share, locate and access documents from any location, making it easier to keep track of payments and outstanding invoices. Improve transparency and make sure you don’t lose important documentation. Use automated solutions to, for example, generate a list of any outstanding invoices.

  • Reduce process time

Automating data input processes saves a great deal of staff time. Scan documents directly into cloud-based repositories like Dropbox or Office365, or save scanned documents into the correct places without needing to open them on a PC, manually rename and move them. An automated accounts payable process is a consistent, reliable and time-saving method for invoice management.

  • Minimise errors

Say goodbye to error-prone manual processing. Generate accurate invoices and significantly reduce the costs associated with errors.

  • Improve productivity

More invoices can be processed in a given time period, utilising fewer staff and resources. Allow your team to be more productive by freeing them up from previously time-consuming manual tasks - allowing them to focus on more profitable things.

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