Can your MFP do this? GDPR compliance and your print fleet

As the deadline approaches, GDPR is everywhere. We’ve seen it mentioned in a hundred emails, fielded many queries - and even spotted it advertised on the backs of toilet doors!

Is your print fleet helping or hindering your efforts to comply with GDPR?

Is your print fleet helping or hindering your efforts to comply with GDPR?

We’ve written extensively about it already and provided a whole section on our website, but read on to find five ways in which your multifunction printer(s) can help ensure you are thinking about privacy ‘by design and by default’ as 25 May approaches. It’s a short blog, we promise.

1. Release your prints on-printer by PIN or swipe card. A very simple way to ensure that information stays with the person that prints it and not just anyone that happens to be passing by the machine.

2. Ensure benchmark security to reduce vulnerability to external hacking. Not all data breaches are accidental. Ensure your printer has up to date security, like the whitelisting technology created by the partnership between Xerox and McAfee that comes with all new generation Xerox ConnectKey devices.

3. Use automated workflow solutions to flag potential breaches before they happen. This is seriously clever. With apps on your ConnectKey device, for example a Xerox AltaLink or VersaLink, your machine can tell you automatically that you’re attempting to print something that has personal or sensitive data on it, potentially preventing embarrassing accidental data breaches.

4. Investigate scan-to-file solutions that reduce the chance of human error in internal processes and prevent having so much information in hard copy (which brings its own data storage considerations – GDPR is not just about electronic information).

5. Streamline your print fleet to iron out any problems caused by mismatched or out of date hardware and software. ConnectKey Techology offers you a universal user experience across machines.

How Xerox ConnectKey-Enabled MFPs Helped OIF Ensure GDPR Compliance for their Client, YouTube

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