Managed Print Services: why should I invest?

Regardless of the size of a business, it is probably powered by documents. Printed ones, digital ones, signed ones, copied ones, coloured ones, translated ones…the list goes on.


Document management is vital to small and mid-sized businesses just as much (if not more so) than large ones. SMBs and SMEs probably print most days, but businesses may not always be aware just how much that print is costing them. What’s more, if basic paper-heavy tasks aren’t automated, those tasks could be using valuable staff time. What a boost it would be to get that time back for other business priorities!

Security remains high on the agenda, and MPS can improve a business’ audit trail and data protection compliance. MPS can also bring automated ordering of supplies, helping you keep costs down further. Less unnecessary prints, fewer wasted consumables and paperless document management processes all contribute to a lower carbon footprint too – great for your organisation’s sustainability credentials and not just your bottom line.

Let us ask you some questions. How old is the printer in the corner of your office? Is it the only one? Or one of a suite of printers of varying sizes and ages that perform different jobs or are reserved for different people? More modern, streamlined printers might be smaller, more energy efficient and offer a whole range of services quite apart from printing, copying and scanning. Can your printer translate into a number of languages, upload documents directly into a customer file, or prevent an intruder collecting sensitive information?

Upgrading your fleet and switching to MPS can smooth out any vulnerable areas of your print network, provide a consistent user experience for everyone, allow printing via code or card reader, and reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. That’s just for starters.

Once you start using your devices to their full capabilities you can create workflows – with our help – that allow easy archiving and retrieval of documents, efficient document sharing, mobile print, cloud storage, invoice, time sheet and delivery note management and much more. 

MPS solutions are no longer only the domain of large companies. We have been (and continue to) experience a shift in accessibility to MPS for ever smaller organisations. First Copy (and FCC Innovation, its solutions team) can work with you, in partnership, to grow with your business and adapt to the constantly evolving workplace and market environment. It is vital to chose an MPS supplier that understands your business, and has a proven track record of customer service with an in-house Helpdesk. We believe we could be that supplier.

Take the hassle out of managing your printers, toners and more by calling FCC Innovation now.