(Almost!) a year since GDPR came into force - is your print system compliant?

It was a big year for me last year. My second baby and GDPR were due within 24 hours of each other. Months were spent waiting for both of those things to arrive. Luckily the baby came a week early, more than 10lb of bouncing baby boy. But GDPR duly arrived on time, and depending on your organisation (like giving birth!) it was perhaps a relief to get it over and done with, a bit of a shock to the system, or both.

There were hundreds of emails requesting that we, as individuals, either opted in to continue to hear great things, and/or to tell us that privacy policies had been updated. Then there was a break, and, perhaps over the year, B2B emails in particular have gradually started creeping back, as legitimate interest is better understood and businesses re-establish where they draw the line.

Does this mean that security is less important a year later? No.

206,326 cases were reported under the new legislation, in a year that may well come to be seen as a ‘warm up’ or ‘transition' period’ for the authorities. 91 companies have been fined a total of 56 million Euros (most of that applied to a single fine to Google).

A hospital has been fined for allowing indiscriminate access to patient records, judged to be ignoring the key part of GDPR that says privacy must be considered by design and by default. Others have been fined for data breaches, or being seen to ignore various parts of the legislation.

Warnings are in place that the first year has been an extended offer to get organisations in a position to comply, with time to get to where they need to be, marked (usually) by small fines to encourage compliance rather than large and prolific fines to punish large numbers of businesses.

The importance of keeping your data secure and accessible to only those with the right clearance is clear. It is possible to comply with GDPR while still making processes more efficient. It is even possible to save money and carbon too - and do it all straight from your MFP! Cut out insecure steps in your manual business tasks with apps on printer, mobile technology and automation - all of which are available and affordable to smaller organisations than ever before.

Give the team a call now to find out more, or refresh your knowledge of GDPR.

As for the baby, I’m also trying to ensure he doesn’t breach his own security measures by working out how to open the stair gate…

Liz, FCC Innovation