I hear content, I hear content. Hark, don't you?

Do you spend a lot of time travelling? Would you like to free your hands and eyes for other things? Do you simply learn and digest information better if you hear it instead of read it? Hear the pitter patter of the spoken word with the Xerox Audio Documents App!

Listen to a pre-meeting report on your way to a meeting with the Xerox Audio Documents App

Listen to a pre-meeting report on your way to a meeting with the Xerox Audio Documents App

Now you can trust your ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction printer or mobile device to convert hard-copy content into an MP3 audio file. Scan in, audio out. It’s never been simpler to make your documents talk. Listen on the go and become more mobile than ever.

How do you do it?

From your printer: 

  1. Scan your document at your MFP using the Audio Documents App. 

  2. Open the link that is emailed to you.

  3. Listen to your content

From your smartphone or other device:

  1. Upload your document to the app

  2. Open the file from within the app

  3. Listen to your content

The app supports documents in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. What’s more, it can interpret documents in challenging formats, eg columns of text.

Instant processing

Using cloud technology, your file is scanned and converted in seconds, ready for you to listen to.


Single Sign-On

To make life easier, the app offers SSO functionality if your device is supported with an authentication solution, making it even quicker and simpler. Security remains a top priority for all Xerox devices and solutions.

Want to discover more?

The Xerox Audio Documents App is just one of the apps ready and waiting in the Xerox App Gallery. Tell us which processes take up your time and we’ll find you a solution to make your business even more productive. Give us a call today to find out more.