Avelease are the UK’s leading independent specialist in commercial vehicle finance. FCC Innovation (the trading name for First Copy's solutions team) have installed SendSecure for the company - a secure, cloud-based file exchange software, where safe exchange and storage of files can take place.


“SendSecure has been extremely well received by our customers.” Nick Watts, Director.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in and the company having to deal with personal and financial data on a daily basis, client confidentiality and the security of documents is a top priority. A security breach puts Avelease at high risk of financial and reputational loss.

With two-factor authentication, double encryption and antivirus software surrounding the process, SendSecure provides the utmost data protection when in transit to recipients. Avelease have been able to strengthen their data security systems to establish complete control over the exchange and storage of their clients’ confidential information.

This flexible solution offers customisable options for Avelease to set varying security levels on a ‘per user’ or department basis. This gives managers the flexibility to give employees different levels of responsibility.

“Our employees have found the solution to be very simple to use,” Nick adds. The simple integration into their current systems means their employees can send and receive sensitive data without having to open additional applications. This aids productivity and efficiency among workers.

What’s more, a complete audit trail of all communications is created, taking the strain off their managers. This establishes a transparent and secure record of all accounts, and maintains the company’s integrity.

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