Is your printer or multifunction printer sitting in the corner, unloved and only used for printing, copying and sometimes scanning?

There is so much more it can do!

Our specialists can show you how you can bring your printer (make that ‘Smart Workplace Assistant’!) front and centre. The Xerox App Gallery, driven by app technology, allows you to transform your processes, simplify your business tasks, automate repetitive tasks and even remove some of them altogether.

Why should you invest? Because as well as making life easier, it could also reduce your costs, improve your colleagues’ productivity and offer new opportunities to work smarter.

It’s in the connectivity

Your Xerox App Gallery gives you instant access to apps that offer you ways to scan, print, convert, compare, share and communicate. You Gallery can be customised to suit you, and new apps can be installed at the touch of a button.

Your printer can be so much smarter

Perhaps you have scanned to email in the past, but now you can transform hard copy into editable digital formats, and even translate them into over 50 languages at the touch of a button or change them into audio files.

What’s more, you can order supplies, request a service, and essentially use your device as an interactive Helpdesk that updates you on the progress of your request.

Route forms and process business-critical documents like invoices and expense receipts automatically.

Key Benefits

  • Use the Xerox App Gallery to reduce the number of steps in your processes; improving overall efficiency and productivity while lowering costs and the number of errors

  • Minimal training, because employees are already used to apps

  • Direct connections from MFP to recipient, fewer mistakes made and better security maintained

 Xerox ConnectKey Technology and the Apps Advantage