Nuance AutoStore

Nuance AutoStore


Integrate paper into your digital processes with AutoStore Express, the entry level solution in the AutoStore family. Capture hard copy into files, LAN fax or groupware systems.

Level-up with alternative Nuance AutoStore Workflow. Capture and secure delivery of hard copy paper, electronic documents and data into business applications from a wide range of capture points. Integrate Xerox Multifuction Devices into document management, workflow and groupware solutions.

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Key Features (Express)

  • Future Proof solution - AutoStore works with current Xerox range and meets agreed standards for future Xerox devices, giving you peace of mind and maximum return on investment

  • Group device setup - Show different menus for different departments which greatly reduces IT configuration time and setup

  • Flexible security setup - Access to the device features can be controlled by the embedded security or by integration into third party applications such as Equitrac

  • Easy to configure interface through a graphical workflow designer - no programming skills required - for fast integration

  • Powerful OCR capabilities providing full-text OCR and searchable PDF output

  • Barcode support allows you to integrate both linera and 2D barcode scans into your electronically indexed data

  • Separation page support allows you to conveniently batch files into mixed content by using a separation page to distinguish one content type from another, greatly increasing user productivity

  • Integrates into groupware systems such as Lotus Notes (emails and databases) or Microsoft Exchange (email and public folders), or other email systems

  • Integrates into Microsoft SharePoint Services and Portal Server

  • Can be upgraded to AutoStore Workflow to secure the investments and deliver a clear growth path

Key Features (Workflow)

  • Secure & streamlined workflow

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow automation

  • Flexible capture: Capture both electronic and paper documents as well as data from any source you prefer.

  • Capture from:

    • Multifunction devices

    • Desktop scanners

    • Network scanners

    • Mobile devices

    • Windows desktop

    • Watched folders

  • Easily apply the processes you need: Process objects add advanced image and document processing steps.

  • Processing objects include:

    • Linear and 2D Barcode Recognition

    • PDF Conversion & Optimization

    • Bates Stamping

    • Watermark

    • Image Enhancement

    • Authentication & Encryption

  • Route documents wherever you want them: Route your documents direction and send them on to their final destination.

  • Direct documents to over 50 destinations:

    • Document management

    • Popular groupware and collaboration platforms

    • File, fax and email

    • Open Connectivity to chart your own document destiny with the open scripting interface

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