Xerox Workplace Suite

Xerox Workplace Suite


Xerox Workplace Suite is an on-premise, server-based print management and mobile print solution. It comes with benchmark security, offering a convenient way to monitor your printing and reduce your costs.

A cloud-based version is also available.

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If you need a solution that offers user authentication, print management, cost control, content security and mobile working, then ask FCC Innovation about Xerox Workplace Suite. It works on your server for private and secure on-site use, and can be tailored to your needs using a modular approach for feature licenses.

Key Features of Xerox Workplace Suite

Authentication and Access Control

  • Choose from a wide variety of industry-standard secure readers and cards or go cardless or mobile device-based with NFC, the Xerox Print Portal App, and a QR code to unlock print devices

  • Use essential print rules to control your costs and restrict access to specific devices and/or features at a user or group level

  • Option to use Single Sign-On (SSO) on any SSO-enabled service on your printer. This might include cloud connector apps, for example. Once you have authenticated at the machine (in whatever way you choose) you can then access all your multifunction printer SSO-enabled apps without additional steps - a great way to save time

Content Security

  • Let your licensed MFP safeguard against data and intellectual property loss by allowing content security to search all documents copied, scanned or printed for user-defined key phrases or terms eg ‘confidential’, ‘internal use only’, ‘sensitive’ etc

  • If a match is found, your MFP will send an alert containing job details and content straight to the administrator for follow up

Mobile Printing

  • Use Windows IS devices, Google Chromebooks, Mac OS, Linux, mobile app printing for iOS, Android and Windows Surface tablets to print from mobile devices on the move, giving you the ultimate flexibility and convenience

  • Traditional pull/follow printing workflow sends jobs to a single queue for release at the nearest printer when you reach your destination

Accounting and Reporting

  • Admins can set controls on access as well as additional print rules

  • Excellent monitoring options with fleet reporting and accounting

  • Potential to integrate with Network Accounting.

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