XM SendSecure

XM SendSecure


Send and receive sensitive data without having to open another application with either a Cloud or On-Premises version of XMedius SendSecure.

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Key Features

  • Collaborative secure file exchange platform

  • Unlimited number of text, audio or video files up to 5 TB into SafeBox for transfer

  • Files automatically virus scanned on upload, then two-factor authentication and double encryption used to protect files in transit

  • Customisable options to set varying security levels per-user or per-department

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Seamless integration with outlook

  • On-premises / on-site version for companies that what to maintain control of data location, fast deployment and an alternative to their existing telecom infrastructure

In this video, learn more about XM SendSecure solutions. Discover how you can share data, audio and video files in a highly secure environment. Learn more about its main features: double encryption, double authentication, bi-directional communication and traceability (audit trail).

For more information about how we use your data, or how to see what information we hold on you, please visit our Privacy Statement. If you prefer to contact us direct, rather than entering information via a form, please email us at info@fccinnovation.co.uk through your usual email solution.