What does each type of print software do?

Do you already use your multifunction printer to do more than print, copy, scan, and fax?

Have you considered using software solutions to improve your efficiency and get more done?

FCC Innovation from First Copy has the expertise to help you get so much more from your device! Read on…

FCC Innovation’s Document Solutions

We can help you with document management, content management, and automation of processes.

Our software solutions offer flexibility for your office and increase your business productivity and efficiency by cutting down on time-consuming manual processes.

We know that businesses are looking for solutions which solve their problems. FCC Innovation has access to all of Xerox’s latest technology and document management systems, and we work with alliance partners to extend our solutions offer still further. Computer Scene is one of those partners: an award-winning supplier of intelligent, unique software solutions. Experts in business process management, supply bespoke solutions to companies of all sizes.

Xerox ConnectKey technology goes hand in hand with the solutions detailed below – scanning and automation, workflow, print management, mobile print and content management. The Xerox App Gallery is ever-evolving in order to match your changing business needs, and includes options to customise your own app-based solutions as well as take advantage of those offered by third party developers. This flexibility means that we can create a unique solution tailored to your own specific office needs and processes.

Our workflow solutions can help you ensure that you achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018. We can help you understand any existing vulnerabilities in your processes, and then address them with the solution that's right for you, ensuring your data is kept safe and secure in a 'privacy by default' design. There are solutions that can detect and redact information, and even flag up vulnerabilities to your Data Protection Officer (DPO). There are options to use PIN/swipe technology to avoid prints being left on printers, benchmark security measures that keep sensitive data safe before printing and workflow solutions that scan straight to secure locations avoiding any difficulties securing hard copy documents. 

So why wait? Get ahead of your competitors by contacting us now or exploring the links below: we’ll help you integrate a solution that fits your needs today and evolves with you tomorrow.

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Content Management

Keep your digital content and documents secure and manageable

Print on the go with office mobile print solutions from FCC Innovation

Mobile Print

Work flexibly with technology that lets you print on the go

Office Print Management from FCC Innovation

Print Management

Reduce costs, prevent unauthorised access and lower wastage

Scanning and Automation Print Solutions. FCC Innovation.

Scanning and automation

Get rid of laborious paper-based tasks and move to electronic administration


Workflow and e-Forms

Standardise and speed up processes with workflow solutions