Paperwork stacking up on your desk?

Finding it difficult to keep track of documents and who can access them?

We can help you remove paper processes and reduce the amount of time you spend on routine administration.

Move away from dealing with hardcopy documents to an electronic system with automated document processes. Store digitised documents automatically in a secure file structure integrated with your current printing infrastructure and simplify workflow processes by enabling users to share, locate and access documents efficiently and from any location.

There’s no doubt that your business will benefit from increased productivity and consistency of output, as well as reduced errors, waste and print costs, as a result of automated operations. We can also ensure you meet your compliance standards at the same time, every time.

Here are some real world applications:

  • Accounts payable (invoice scanning) and automatic storage

  • Adding documents to customer files directly from your MFP

  • Populating your accounting system

  • Scanning directly into cloud-based repositories like Dropbox or Google Drive, One Drive or Office 365

  • Saving scanned documents in the right places without needing to open them on a PC, manually rename, and move them

  • Creating editable documents from hard copy, and/or translating scanned documents into more than 35 languages for print or email