Our values, story and expertise

FCC Innovation is the document solution team within First Copy Corporation Ltd (the registered company of which FCC Innovation is part). The team was formed as an expansion of First Copy’s already comprehensive services to reflect the evolution of the document industry from hard copy to digital documentation.

We are consultancy-led, helping local businesses improve their efficiency and cut costs. We can offer a variety of software and document solutions that match the specific needs of your business. Those solutions might be off-the-shelf or bespoke, depending on your requirements, but we will always ensure that the solution is tailored to be the most appropriate and cost-effective for you. Having our own in-house technical consultants as well as partnerships with software developers allows us to create specific solutions to work alongside (or tie into) your current structure and hardware. We are often able to recommend that there are no changes needed to your systems, just the processes surrounding them.

With the backing of the team at First Copy - who for 27 years have been in partnership with Xerox - FCC Innovation gives customers the peace of mind to concentrate on their core business and achieve their goals. First Copy’s awards and testimonials demonstrate our excellent, trusted service - click through the links on the left to find out more.

Every member of the team is focused on providing outstanding service delivery, taking the strain on your behalf. We will grow with you, in strategic partnership, to secure your success. Our aim is to help you unlock your potential, enhance your efficiency, and increase your profitability.

With an emphasis on relationships, we will always have someone available to help you. Whether you're communicating with our in-house help desk professionals, with one of your dedicated account managers, or speaking face-to-face with a field-based customer service specialist making a visit, we are here for you.

Our Brand

The FCC Innovation and First Copy brands carry a similar form, enabling us to celebrate our history while looking to the future.

The logo dots are a reference to the CMYK colours so well-known in the print industry, and reflect our origins. FCC Innovation is leaving behind the limitations of ‘Copy’ in its traditional form so that we can embrace the vast potential of today’s technological innovations. Your office devices can now be empowered to do so much more than print, copy and scan - you can store, translate, manage files and much, much more.