The Xerox App Gallery (Apps on ConnectKey) brings workflow apps to your printer or multifunction device. No longer just for your smartphone or tablet, apps on your printer interface open up a world of opportunity to do what you need to do directly from your MFP. For example, you could:

  • Transform your printed documents into editable, digitised Word or Excel files

  • Store, retrieve, share, or translate files - and even convert them to audio

  • Connect to the cloud to scan and print via your existing storage solution

  • Route documents securely to whomever needs them

  • Connect apps from your MFP to your existing business applications eg for contracts and forms

No servers or separate software solutions are necessary. Visit the Xerox App Gallery now, or read on for more information about what the apps can do, and how we can build something bespoke.


Digitise on demand.

Connect to the cloud

Work on the cloud for easy mobile working.

Boost your productivity

Connect to your existing time-saving business applications.

Optimise and streamline your processes and automate repetitive tasks in order to capitalise on saved time for the things most important for your business. The Xerox App Gallery is your gateway to a collection of easily-downloadable apps that grows week on week. The App Gallery brings you new ways to transform how you handle documents and data - sometimes in unexpected ways. Your Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled printer or MFP has the potential to be your new smart workplace assistant.

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Your printer or MFP could be front and centre for everyday business tasks.

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ConnectKey: endless possibilities, but with security at heart.

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Cloud storage, document conversion, business processes, mobile working and so much more.

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