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Xerox ConnectKey

Why shouldn’t printers have intuitive touch screens? ConnectKey makes MFPs secure and simple.


…and mobile-ready. Seamless MPS integration and a multitude of apps.

Benefits of the Xerox ConnectKey

Imagine scanning in an invoice and having the figures automatically put into your accounting software. Or capturing a document and inputting it straight into a customer account in your CRM, legal system or cloud storage. Or uploading a document and instantly translating it into forty languages for onward email. With the Xerox App Gallery, there’s no need to just imagine.
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More About ConnectKey Technology

An infographic about the five pillars of Xerox ConnectKey

Most of Xerox’s office printers and MFPs come with Xerox ConnectKey-enabled technology. The tech revolutionises how teams work with their devices, offering a simple way to access apps for all sorts of document processes straight from the printer, just like they would on a phone or another mobile device.

The five key prongs of Xerox ConnectKey Technology are:

  1. An intuitive user interface

  2. Mobile and cloud-readiness

  3. Comprehensive security

  4. It enables Managed Print Services

  5. A gateway to new possibilities

With ConnectKey, your print fleet offers a consistent and reliable user experience and a customised suite of apps connecting your MFP to all your most-used applications (think SharePoint, Sage, Quickbooks, DocuSign, Salesforce) and offering solutions to all your problems (translation, redaction, proof reading, summarisation, handwriting to text).

ConnectKey-enabled technology helps you stay efficient and productive. At a time of rising costs across the board, the automation and flexibility offered can save you time and money without compromising on security.

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These days, the page is just as much digital as it is physical. If your multifunction printer can only copy, scan and print, then it is not properly bridging the gap between the digital and the physical.

Xerox ConnectKey-enabled technology makes it possible to turn printed documents back into digital files, convert handwriting into text, then translate it and turn it into audio, then route it to your content management system…the list goes on.

What’s more, you can access apps that make it easier to work with your every day software packages, from CRM and accounting platforms to educational, legal and healthcare programmes. ConnectKey offers a platform to simplify complex processes that eat up your team’s precious time.

Fitting beautifully into Xerox Managed Print Services, your ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers can show a consistent screen wherever employees access their prints making them easily accessible by experienced and non-users alike. That said, you can put the most fitting apps front and centre on each device – choose administration apps on the home screen in one department and creative ones in another.

Security features come as standard, but they don’t get in the way of touchless operation. Set up your devices in ways that work for you, allowing access via visitor mobile phones, smart cards, PINs or fingerprint recognition.

Do you have a hectic schedule? Are you in and out of the office all day? Would your life be simpler if your office technology was always at your fingertips? If yes, then ConnectKey is ready for the way you work!

ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers offer fully integrated mobile, scanning and cloud-based solutions, optimising efficiency. Create and share editable documents from hard copy source material quickly and simply.


Print with ease. ConnectKey offers instant connectivity and allows for printing from multiple devices with ‘tap-to-pair’, front-panel-integrated Near Field Communication (NFC), Apple AirPrint, native apps for Google Cloud Print and Xerox Print Service for Android and Mopria.

Send, receive and print documents from multiple remote locations and from multiple devices, including mobile devices. You can print on-the-go or direct from your office – wherever you are.

Printing with ConnectKey is easy, secure and free! With easy to use apps (e.g. Print by Xerox) you are able to print from any device, via any ConnectKey technology printer, as simply as you would send an email with an attachment.


Scan and fax direct from your mobile or tablet device into the cloud, or send and print data from cloud storage, via any one of your ConnectKey fleet.

Share documents with colleagues and customers, individuals and groups, and create editable documents from hard copy source material.

Reduce reliance on paper and capture key information with scanning features that simplify workflows.

Are you using MPS (Managed Print Services)? Integrate your Next Generation Services!

ConnectKey works with your specific managed print solution to ensure your business has the right mix of technology, apps and solutions.

MPS provides coherent processes, organised information and structured support.


Take better control of all your devices, including your spending and use of IT resources and you may benefit from an improvement in overall business performance. AltaLink devices offer the ability to set job limits, monitor usage and perform back up and restoration operations.

Using Xerox Global Print Driver, you have the means to set energy saving goals. Reduce waste and power and become a more efficient and environmentally-conscious business.


Combined with MPS, ConnectKey technology-enabled devices and customised apps help to automate processes within a business. You can install, configure, manage, monitor and pull reports remotely, allowing you to provide an even higher level of customer service.

With MPS and ConnectKey you can easily keep track of your documents and data, because your printers and multifunctional printers (MFPs) have direct access to important documents stored in the cloud. This saves you and your business time and money, along with improving workplace efficiency and business performance.

New features that allow you to clone and distribute configurations eliminate the need to manage each device individually. The Embedded Web Server and Remote User Interface is an excellent tool that gives you the ability to trouble-shoot, and train customers, remotely.

How much easier would it be if all your devices worked in sync with each other? With an intuitive interface and user experience across the range, your ConnectKey MFPs will offer easy-to-use, convenient document management via a simple touchscreen.


User experience remains consistent across all machines as common functions work similarly on all devices. Operators only need to learn how to use ConnectKey once to use your entire ConnectKey fleet.

Users are in control and can learn to use the product independently. There is no need for IT support or service calls, as new installation wizards streamline setup. Online customer self-help videos can be viewed directly from the device, helping you find quick solutions, save time and minimise training. ConnectKey is easy to use for even for non-technical users.


Large touchscreen interfaces that tilt into place let you swipe, tap and pinch through operations. The multi-touch experience allows users to easily and quickly access the required application. ConnectKey reduces the time required to complete a job as fewer clicks are needed – resulting in less time spent at the printer.


Make life easier with apps on your multifunctional printer (MFP). The Xerox App Gallery holds a variety of applications that make scanning, printing and interacting with the cloud simpler, including access to OneDrive, DropBox and more.

Download specific apps directly to your device via the touchscreen and improve the efficiency and/or productivity of your business.

The app-driven and task-specific user screen allows you to customise the ‘home screen’ to fit your business preferences: create a convenient bespoke system in a matter of minutes by placing your most-used apps front and centre.

Is data security a top priority for you? ConnectKey supports and enhances document security and confidently creates a secure environment for your devices. Built-in protections covering device access control, data protection, data on the network, and auditing and tracking make ConnectKey a reliable choice. ConnectKey’s security measures meet stringent regulations and industry-leading compliance standards.

ConnectKey technology uses a holistic four-point approach: intrusion prevention; device detection; document and data protection; and external partnerships.


Intrusion Prevention

Secures all access points, preventing malicious attacks, proliferation of malware and misuse of devices, whether from transmitted data or direct interaction at the device. Access points are protected through user authentication and access controls, ensuring no unauthorised use.

Device Detection

VersaLink devices: an automated comprehensive Firmware verification test sends an alert to the user if any harmful changes are detected.

AltaLink and iSeries devices: McAfee Whitelisting technology continuously monitors the machine to detect changes whilst automatically preventing malicious malware from running.

Document and Data Protection

Documents are not released until the authorised user is at the device, preventing information passing to unauthorised users and transmission of critical data to unauthorised parties.

Data assets are safe and secure, with stored information protected by the highest levels of encryption.

Any data no longer required can be removed from the businesses’ systems using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S Department of defence approved data clearing and sanitisation algorithms. (Applies to devices with hard disk drives only).

External Partnerships

Through a partnership with McAfee, ConnectKey provides extra security measures to ensure the highest level of protection of stored data. ConnectKey’s performance is measured against international standards with certifications like Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2. These external partnerships are used to protect VersaLink and AltaLink products.

Find additional apps information in our Xerox App Gallery section, or read on for a brief summary.

Do you have specific business needs, or use particular functions more frequently than others? ConnectKey provides a gateway to new possibilities, streamlining your workflow.


Through the Xerox App Gallery and apps provided, your business can be more flexible and efficient while identifying opportunities for growth. ConnectKey provides options to consistently streamline and update processes and improve productivity.

Xerox App Studio and the Personalised Application Builder enable automated workflow solutions customised to your individual company.

The PrintByXerox app allows users to leverage the Xerox Cloud Services print platform to print to ConnectKey technology-enabled MFPs, using one universal email address.

Xerox Print and Translate enables instant language translations. This app allows users to scan a document and receive the document translated in the required language via a traditional print or email notification. Users can also send an image from an IOS or Andriod device, or a PC, for translation.

The Info app organises all communications that appear on the MFP’s user interface – for example, emails, company messages, promotions and contact information.

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