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Xerox Workplace Solutions

Print management; on-premises or in the cloud. Accessible, secure, mobile.

Print Management

Reduce costs and wastage, improve authentication and support flexibility.

Benefits of the Xerox Workplace Solutions

Xerox Cloud Solutions offer a complete package to control and manage your print fleet and its associated security, accessibility and costs. Wherever your team is printing, monitor it with Xerox Workplaces Solutions (Suite or Cloud). Link your print hardware, apps and services together - and no print server, no problem!

Why Choose Xerox Workplace Solutions?

Manage your multifunction printers (MFPs) with a complete software platform for authentication, data security, mobile working and cost control with Xerox Workplace Solutions. Print management, done well, ensures secure and straightforward access to print devices wherever they are and from wherever users send their print jobs.

Xerox offers on-site and cloud options for print management, giving you the flexibility to choose the product that works best for you and your business. You can use Xerox Workplace Solutions whether or not you have Xerox multifunction printers.


Xerox Workplace Solutions and Fleet Management products support you to:


  1. Control and manage your print fleet

  2. Ensure users are authenticated in a way that suits your business, e.g. card reader, PIN, QR code

  3. Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) to make it easy to access all your associated apps and services

  4. Release jobs at the printer only when required (known as ‘pull printing’)

  5. Monitor usage and costs and manage rebilling to projects and departments

  6. Allow seamless mobile printing and scanning without onerous IT support

  7. Keep your data safe and costs down with print rules and content security


The Xerox Solutions Portfolio


You can choose to keep information on-premises with your server with Xerox Workplace Suite. Xerox also offers a simple set-up cloud option for serverless, low-infrastructure environments: Xerox Workplace Cloud.

Additional cloud services include Xerox Virtual Print Management Service and Xerox Cloud Fleet Management. Xerox designed these solutions to support and accelerate your digital transformation projects. If you want to switch from legacy on-site servers to modern cloud infrastructure, then the Xerox Virtual Print Management Service could help you. Xerox Cloud Fleet Management is designed specifically for SMBs, improving security for non-enterprise cloud users.

Xerox Home Worker Print Tracker is now part of Xerox Workplace Cloud, supporting businesses as the world of work reshapes. You can see how much work-related printing is done at home, regardless of whether that printing is done on a personal or company-supplied printer. The data is stored in the cloud ready for analysis and recharging to project codes and departments.

Whether your team members are based in the office, at home, in a shared working space, or even stopping briefly in a cafe, they can send documents to print from a connected device (that might be their laptop, mobile phone or tablet). Documents sent to print can be released wherever is most convenient for your team.

What’s more, with Cloud Delegate Mode, sensitive documents can be sent from devices to be released in the office securely. To increase the security of documents and data, Content Security monitors jobs sent to print for specific words or phrases, alerting you to potential breaches. As a small-medium sized business, it can be tricky to ensure high levels of security from hackers. With Xerox Workplace Cloud Fleet Management Solution, you can rest assured that your personal data is kept safe as part of our offering to your business.

Perfect reducing local network infrastructure, Xerox Workplace Cloud offers an easy-to-use and IT support-friendly option. Use Xerox Workplace Cloud (the off-premise version of Xerox Workplace Solutions) from external servers managed by Xerox.

Several key features in common with Suite. These include authentication and access control; mobile printing; accounting, reporting and print rules.

View our product listing for a detailed description and brochure.

Xerox’s Virtual Print Management Service supports enterprises to transition from legacy on-premise print servers to Xerox’s secure cloud infrastructure.

Using a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), you can save as much as a third compared to the cost of a typical print server using the Cloud. In addition, making the move brings flexibility, security and user experience benefits as well as offering comprehensive analytics for a modern print management solution.

Prefer your solutions on-site? Use Xerox Workplace Suite (the on-premise version of Xerox Workplace Solutions) from your own server.

Key features include authentication and access control; content security safeguards; mobile printing; accounting, reporting and print rules.

View our product listing for a detailed description and brochure.

Designed for SMBs, Xerox Workplace Cloud Fleet Management brings additional security to organisations with less infrastructure.

Xerox’s fleet management solution pushes on-demand security updates to individual printers, groups or even entire fleets. What’s more, there’s a simple dashboard to monitor security at a glance and provide proof of compliance with security policies.

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